Under the hot burning sun
In the middle of freezing snow,
Young lives stood in completely different worlds
Looking up at the sky,
Similar pains in their hearts

Incredibly helpless, no one to turn to
In pain, ashamed, there was only one thing to do
A way to end all the suffering
To end all the nightmare

Their father’s anger on their minds
Their family’s agony in their hearts
Picked up the knives by their sides
Cut through their hands

Different worlds, yet exactly the same
Freedom talks, with no freedom
Hoping to see light, a beckon of hope
Young lives were ended, lives thirsty for life.

Angels (after some modifications)

 A book with no chapters,

A page with no letters

Spring with no roses,

A flower with no petals


Leaves floating in the breeze,

Flying angels in the sky

Mothers crying on their knees,

Their prayers sent up high


With airs of celebration

They patted themselves on the back

With pride, and with satisfaction

Looked at their prey as they planned for the dark


Children gone, mothers die

As they watch their angels fly by


A book with no chapters, a page with no letters

Spring with no roses, a flower with no petals


Fallen leaves on the ground, flying angels in the sky

Mothers crying on their knees, their prayers sent to heavens


Children laying on the ground, bodies emptied, no soul intact

Children gone, mothers die as they watch their angels fly by


As the years passed

My eyes first saw yours when I was seven

Too young to understand was what about to happen

Friends; best friends, we took the world by storm

Laughed all day long, fought all day long


How wonderful you must be

Make a girl feel special, when she doesn’t know what special feels

Seven years old, you were yourself

Gapped teeth, muddy hands, and messy hair


Over the years we met once again

Special; this time in a different sense

To everyone who says true love doesn’t exist

I have one word




Stuck in her misery

Strangled by his lies


She tries to break loose

She tries to live her life


He brings her back low

He strangles her with his charms


Smooth-talks his way through

As if she is just a child


She cries to be heard

He over laughs her to deceive


She tired to live her life

He strangled her like a child